Industrial & Car Park Flooring Applications

BBMSC is specialized in pouring, finishing, up-grading, refurbishment and repair of concrete floor slabs, with specialized Coating systems for Educational, healthcare & industrial facilities specialized flooring. From epoxy protective coating for industrial floors to Car park traffic deck coating to Polyurea spray applied coating systems, BBMSC delivers well trained application team & the best in the market equipment.

Industrial Flooring

We offer our clients a high quality Industrial Flooring that is required for its strength, durability.

Food Industry Flooring

water, bacteria, chemicals, oils and fats, extreme temperatures and employee congestion present daily challenges for the concrete flooring in Food industrial facilities. BBMSC will assist in tackling those problems

Metalic Epoxy & Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Metallic Epoxy is made by adding special metallic colouring pigment with Epoxy & Polyurethane Resins to give a very shiny and remarkably attractive colours to concrete floors
Epoxy Terrazzo flooring is made by constructing frames of colour chips that are poured into position, left to dry and then cured and polished. This style of flooring is very popular in up market buildings, airports, offices, schools, universities and hospitals and even in lavish homes.

Car Park Epoxy & Traffic Deck Coatings

With thousands of meter squares applied by our team; we guarantee the best quality & the most cost effective systems to your Garage, either it’s a medium size residential building or a shopping mall, we will assist you in specifying & applying the system that will endure.